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neil dandy in winter coat holding box of Yeti in my Spaghettiyeti in my spaghetti logocartoon of yeti

In this episode of the Dandy Fun House, we’re braving the tundra to bring you the TOTY-award-winning game, YETI IN MY SPAGHETTI! Let’s step into the Dandy Warming Lodge before we freeze!

neil dandy in the kitchen holding the game box for Yeti in my Spaghetti

Today’s mission is to unbox and show you how to play this modern classic from PlayMonster. PlayMonster has also been charged with continuing to bring you such classic toys and games as Wooly Willy, Spirograph, Fashion Plates, Colorforms and many others! Kudos to Play Monster for keeping the classics alive!

It’s also TOTY-Award winning (toy of the year in the category of games). Nice going!


tearing open the game boxside of yeti in my spaghetti box with logo back of yeti in my spaghetti box showing kids playing the game

Whoever designed this box is a freaking genius! It looks like an Italian kitchen table and also has the actual Yeti figurine poking out of the box! The back shows kids playing and having a great time with it. It’s unique and immediately catches your eye on the shelf (at least it did mine). The marketing team absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one!


game instructions plastic packet with toy spaghetti and game instructionscloseup of yeti toy big red bowl

A couple of adhesive tabs keeping the theives at bay secure the flap. This leaves the unfortunate choice to either slit the tape or tear it and mar the box. I chose to be a brute and mar the box.

cardboard insert with yeti toy

Inside you have a big red pasta bowl, a plastic bag containing the instructions and 30 strands of wavy, plastic spaghetti and then you have the YETI. The Yeti is under a bubble pack of its own glued to a cardboard insert which makes it poke out of the front of the box. It took me a minute to figure this out and slide the insert from the box. Then I tugged at the back of the Yeti before finally pulling the plastic bubble pack away from the cardboard backing to give birth to my Yeti and feed him his first taste of spaghetti!


closeup of yeti balanced on top of the spaghettilaying toy spaghetti across the top of the bowl

You have 30 strands of wavy plastic spaghetti and you lay them across the top of the bowl in a criss-cross random pattern. You then set the Yeti on top of the spaghetti strands and players take turns removing strands of spaghetti one-handedly until someone makes the Yeti fall into the bowl. That person is the LOSER! Just that simple. Just that fun! It’s sort of like Jenga except this is actually interesting. Does Jenga have a cute little Yeti toy? I don’t think so!


closeup of yeti balanced on top of the spaghetti while a noodle strand is being pulled awaycloseup of yeti balanced on top of the spaghetti while a noodle strand is being pulled awaycloseup of yeti balanced on top of the spaghetti while a noodle strand is being pulled awayyeti falling into the bowlcloseup of yeti toy

After taking just a few seconds to lay my strands of spaghetti across the bowl and set my Yeti atop, I started pulling strands. Very simple at first, but once you’re about 10 strands in, things start to get hairy! The waves in the spaghetti grab each other making it a challenge to remove one without disturbing the other strands and making the Yeti move. But eventually I did lose to myself and make Mr. Yeti fall into the bowl to his awaiting fate in the pretend marinara!


neil dandy holding yeti toy

I’m in my 50’s and I HAD FUN! I had fun unboxing it, setting it up and also playing with it. It’s a great time for kids and adults of all ages and there are no parts small enough to be a choking hazard unless you try to play sword-swallower with a strand of plastic spaghetti, but those are so long that you could probably just pull it right out anyway. Hey, maybe Play Monster could make a sword-swallowing game! Just a thought!

I can see why this won game of the year. It’s so simple and fun! On a scale of 1-10, I give Yeti in my Spaghetti a SASQUATCH!


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