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In this episode of the Dandy Fun House, I’m going to unbox, review and show you how to play a true game of glorious disgusting fecal flinging fun! This is one I’ve been avoiding for obvious reasons for a while now because I’m not exactly sure how you review something like what we’re about to get into, so all I can say is I hope you have your hazmat suit handy because we’re going into primate pen. THIS is the game of MONKEY SEE MONKEY POO! Let’s step into the Fun House!

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Hello and welcome to the Dandy Fun House video show, podcast and blog! I’m your host Neil Dandy and this is where we shovel up the best in retro pop culture, toys and games and all the fun stuff! And boy do we have a banana-scented treat for you today! I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m not going to do a tease, I’m not going to get super cute with this one because I have a feeling this game review is going to speak for itself. It’s the game of MONKEY SEE MONKEY POO by Spin Master.

neil dandy with monkey see monkey poo boxneil dandy pointing at monkey see monkey poo box

Ok, my show is not very big yet but for those of you who ARE avid consumers of this program, you’ll know that as of late I’ve been very heavy with the reviews of Spin Master games. I want you to know that I am NOT a shill for Spin Master. In fact, when I choose a game to review, I do not even look to see who makes it. I simply choose the most interesting ones I can find and then do a deep dive into the product. The fact that three of my last four or five reviews have been from Spin Master is purely by happenstance although I have trouble saying that because I choose what catches my eye and apparently the things that Spin Master makes does indeed catch MY EYE.


To be honest, I’m actually a little annoyed with Spin Master in one regard because every time I review one of their games, I send them a nice note through their website to let them know I’ve reviewed one of their products and the response is… CRICKETS! NOTHING! NADA! BUPKISS! ZILCH! Not a thank you, not a we look forward to checking it out, not an automated reply, NOTHING! It’s like shouting into the ether and it’s frustrating. I know I’m not the biggest fish in the pond out here, but not only am I a reviewer but I purchase these products with my own money and I’m by no means a wealthy person. I think a little shred of common courtesy could go a long way with your customers there Spin Master. Ghosting them when they send you nice letters isn’t exactly great PR.

Ok, now that I’ve vented my frustration, let’s see what we have here. I want to let you know upfront that while I usually give the back history on the company that makes the product, since I’ve recently reviewed a couple of other Spin Master products, I feel a little silly giving their history yet again. You can check out the review of the game SOGGY DOGGY if you’re interested in learning more of the company history. I think I have enough on my hands with a game that’s all about throwing poop here so let’s get into this and see what we’ve got.


monkey see monkey poo box front

Here we go. Monkey See Monkey Poo with banana-scented poo. I am looking forward to smelling some bananas, and I think that’s a good thing they did there.

There’s a little picture of the actual game there in the corner of the box, a cartoon of a monkey throwing poop at other monkeys in a tree and big bunches of bananas and some monkeys sticking their tongue out. Got a little peek at the toy there through the cellophane in the box. That’s what we call a TWAG, a toy with a game.

monkey see monkey poo box side

Let’s see what’s on the sides here. Just the logo. Good logo, good marketing. They’ve even got a song. I’ll put a link to it at the end of this article for your enjoyment.

monkey see monkey poo box back

On the back of the box, we’ve got some instructions and it says: If a monkey sees, then a monkey poos. In this game, so will you! Well… I’ve never played a game that’s made me poop myself, so this will be a first!

“Fill the monkey with banana-scented poo, climb and collect bananas!”

I’ve watched a few videos from people who don’t do it as good as me, of course but the object appears to be that you knock down bunches of bananas in the tree. If you knock them down, your monkey climbs a level. Then you reach the top. Then you start all over again??? That doesn’t really make sense to me. It makes more sense that if you reach the top first, you should win. The instructions I saw were online from the company. They were kind of convoluted and sort of complicated. I don’t know what’s up with that, but I don’t like complicated. I like simple so we’re just going to do this in a way that’s simple and actually makes sense! To heck with the instructions, Let’s open this thing up.


monkey poo clay in a clear container

There’s a piece of tape right there. Do I need to get out my axe? Oh, good. Glad I had an axe to grind with Spin Master. Otherwise, I’d have had trouble getting it open. Okay, so first on top we’ve got a clear bucket of monkey poop. I’m guessing it’s going to be sort of the consistency of Play-Doh (not the philosopher)

Digging deeper, there’s a little plastic green base here. I think there’s going to be a lot of assembly. …cardboard divider, get rid of that. Let’s see what else we’ve got here. Instructions! We know what we do with those. Goodbye.

monkey hands

Next we have the monkey’s creepy detached hands. They are cupped ready for a ball of poop. You attach them to the monkey body, apparently. Let’s see what else we’ve got here…

aerial view of monkey see monkey poo box

Flourescent green-colored ropes, things to stand stuff up on, and an arrow, I guess, for the game spinner.

monkey tail crammer

Okay, we’ve got a bag with various other parts with the– Oh, oh, the slap disk! You slap on that to make the monkey throw the poop! I have absolutely no idea what this oval-shaped orange piece is here. Here’s another orange piece, and I have no idea what it is, but it has some kind of– Well, it looks like bananas and poop combined, stamped into the plastic. This is a pretty darn disgusting game, people!

cardboard single banana game piecescardboard banana bunch game pieces

…Monkey feet. Another plastic bag here… And this appears to be the main pieces of the game. You’ve got a bunch of little cardboard bananas that you kind of punch out of the sheet there. You’ve got different monkey characters, which you punch out of the cardboard sheet. Banana bunches of various sizes. This is all cardboard stuff and some kind of design elements for the tree.

Ahh we come to the spinner board! Need to attach the spinning arrow and the part that keeps the spinning arrow from spinning off! Apparently I’m going to have no choice but to read some instructions.

monkey tree

And we have the monkey tree. Monkey tree, monkey poo. I think the idea is you’re going to have to kind of fold the monkey tree a little bit so that it stays upright. This is basically a glorified McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy!

the monkey!

Well, without further ado, let’s get to the star of our show here… THE MONKEY!

the monkey!aerial view of game components disassembled

“Here we come, walking down the street. Throw a handful of poo at everyone we meet.”

It is a plastic monkey kind of hunched over, not really in a pooping position, but more in a pitching position. Much like a baseball pitcher on the mound and I don’t think I want to know what that mound is made of. Let’s see if I can get this monkey out of its restraints. And here is the monkey unleash. [monkey noises]

Wow. Just wow. Hunched over. The arms are going to snap into the sides pretty obviously. I think we can go ahead and do that.I mean, if you’re going to throw poop, throw it right.

…Okay. The monkey arms are in place. They’re ready to pitch the fecalia. They come around behind the posterior of the monkey to catch the pitchable substance, which comes out the end. And apparently there’s a thing you slap and it makes it do kind of a throw from the butt over the top of the head and flinging forward. Oh yeah, this is going to be great!

I’ll go ahead and attach the feet now. Everything appears to just snap right into place.


Okay… This big green thing I pulled out at the beginning. A plastic platform. It’s got indents that are foot-shaped, so that’s pretty obvious that the feet will snap into there. And our monkey is in place.

And the slapper, oh, okay, I get it. I get it. The slapper fits into a couple of notches here on the monkey base and there’s a protruding element that goes under the hands, and when you slap, I got it. It flings the monkey’s hands forward.

putting the monkey togetherputting the monkey together

Now, I’m going to assume this orange thing, which I did not understand what it was, appears to be the monkey butt. And it appears to be half blocked. I don’t know what the purpose of that would be. Why would you want to block the monkey poop? Maybe so it makes like good curls or something… Am I really reviewing this product here? Am I really reviewing a monkey poop product!? I apparently am. Lord help me! Okay, the monkey’s butt is affixed into place now.

putting the monkey together

And here’s the last orange piece right here in my hand. I figured out what it’s for. This is the crammer that pushes the monkey poop through the monkey’s body. Kind of like a food processor, you know, that thing you use to shove the food down the top hole of the food processor? Sort of the same principle.

There’s a snap on the back of the monkey’s body. There you go. It snapped into place. And I see now it’s supposed to be the monkey’s tail!

putting the monkey togetherneil dandy holding a cup of choco banana smoothie

Well, let’s go ahead and push a little! We’ve done enough assembly here. It’s time to have a little fun, okay? Here’s like the Play-Doh looking poop stuff. I’m going to take a whiff of it… It doesn’t really smell like bananas to me… I made a smoothie this morning, a chocolate banana smoothie, in honor of the occasion. And my smoothie smells more like bananas than this bucket of Play-Doh looking stuff does.

I’m going to go ahead and pull out the banana poop clay here… And I don’t think I need to form it or anything. You just kind of need to cram it into the hole on top of the monkey. It’s got a different consistency to it, though. It’s more rubbery than like Play-Doh-y which feels to me like it probably won’t dry out as fast as something like Play-Doh.

Okay, so I’ve put a wad of the monkey poop compound into the back of the monkey. And now I’m going to cram it with the special monkey poop crammer to see what we get.

pooping the monkey

Oh, isn’t that lovely! And it doesn’t pinch itself off. You have to pinch it off by hand. Really? Come on. And I don’t even think that process is necessary because you can just put a wad of the monkey poop directly into the monkey’s hands without cramming it through, but where’s the fun in that?

forming the poop

Okay, so now I got the poop. I’ve pinched it off from its butt. (might need some Charmin in there, pal…) And now we’ve got the curled up loaf in the hands. What the heck? I’m going to put my left hand in front of the monkey and I’m going to slap the slapper with my right hand, and I’m going to see if I can catch the monkey poop in my hand.

monkey toy launching the poop


And it didn’t fly worth anything.


Okay, that flew.


Slapped a little harder that time. There’s like things under the slapper. Maybe that’s affecting it.


Huh. So I guess I’m not able to get this thing to fly very far, so I’m guessing I’m going to have to get really close to the tree. Or maybe the whole thing’s just a gimmick and it doesn’t work very well. Who knows? We’re going to find out.


That didn’t work very well. I kind of stick it on the fingers.


Some experimentation might be in order…




I stuck the poo. Instead of in the cup of the hands, I stuck it on just the tips of the fingers, gave it a slap, and then it flew really well! And my dog’s freaking out. I’m glad you know we lost Emma-Lou back in the middle of the year of 2023 and we’re fostering another doggy. Her name’s Carly, and she’s here in the room with me, and she’s being extremely well-behaved. And I am thankful for that.

Okay, I’m going to put that monkey poop back in the container because we’ve got to make progress here! I think I need to assemble the tree, and I’m going to have to do some instruction reading here. And I’m sure that this also means that we’re going to do some fast motion video here. Let’s go!



assembling the tree

Uh, putting the tree together, it’s a cardboard tree. You have to fold it. Sort of like a big McDonald’s happy meal toy is the best way I can describe this piece as a cardboard with different designs on it and you fold and then you push the platforms into slots and you make it. And the trouble I got, there’s different platforms to put bananas on. The trouble I came into was the very top level. It tells you to align three slots. Well, the only way it fits, there’s two slots that fit into the top of the tree and then there’s a line where I’m guessing there was supposed to be a third slot unless I’ve really made a mistake and there’s a protuberance from the top of the tree support that looks like it’s supposed to go into that slot, but no slot was cut. So I had to take out my trusty Swiss army knife and cut my own slot.

attaching cardboard monkeys to the tree vines

Okay. So I’m attaching bases to the bananas and sticking bananas in the tree. I think we’re going to put the smaller banana bunches on. On the lower tiers, there’s five bunches of bananas in total. The last thing it appears is to attach these fluorescent neon greenish ropes. I guess they’re supposed to be jungle vines and they’ve got knots at the end of them. And I think it’s pretty self explanatory how to attach them to the tree. There’s one, two, three.

For ropes and there’s one, two, three, four. Well, there’s.(…) There are five slots. So maybe that top tier was supposed to go in the other way, but I couldn’t make it go in the other way. I could not. And according to… Oh, I’ve got the top tier of the tree on backwards! That’s why it wouldn’t fit and I thought I had to cut it, but the slots didn’t line up, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here. And then and then when I do line them up and and put this the top tier on the other way… Ohhh I may have potentially assembled the entire game backwards!

Well, I’m all confused here now. The instructions aren’t real, real clear here. See if I can find the picture of the monkey taking the shower and use that as a reference point with the picture on the box… Oh, I see what I did here. I assembled the entire tree backwards. That’s why nothing fits like it should. They weren’t real clear as to which was the front and which was the back. That could use some improving!

Instead of the support attaching to the rear, the support goes into the front! I just assumed that the support would go in the back. OK, my apologies to Spin Master but they should make that more clear in the instructions. Oh, that fits in so much nicer. OK, I’m putting the platforms back into their proper slots, which are properly cut out and it fits together like a charm.

All right. So if you have trouble putting this thing together and you’re wondering what is going on, put the put the tree support in the other way. Let’s put the bananas back in their pooper places. Oh,(…) how many poop puns can I make in one day? So now we’ve got our monkeys here. We’re going to attach them to the vines and we are just about to start some gameplay flinging some fekai!



We’ve got four different monkeys here. I’ll refer back to the instructions set up game play.


Number one, choose a monkey.

Well, who’s going to be your monkey? Do they have names? Did they give them names? Doesn’t appear that they gave them names.

pink monkey holding a banana

OK, we got one just holding a banana in the hand and kind of a bewildered look. And that’s a pink monkey.

brown monkey shoving a banana up their nose

We have one brown monkey and it’s shoving a banana up its nose and half winking.

english gentleman monkey

And then we’ve got purple monkey, very astute looking English gentleman monkey with a little tiny English mustache, banana peel for a hat, drinking a very tiny little cappuccino and holding a walking cane in one hand.

blue scared monkey

And finally, our fourth monkey, we have the blue monkey. Who’s holding a banana in its tail and appears to be quite frightened of the flinging fecai coming its way.

spinning the game spinner next to the monkey tree

OK, choose a monkey. Then you spin.


I spun a 3. What does that mean? Do I throw 3 times?

pooping the monkey toy

Then you poop the monkey… and the monkey poops into its hands. I’ll try not to use “his or her” because you never know. Female monkeys can can poop in their own hands. It’s it’s not gender specific, you know.

forming the monkey poop into a swirl

So we’ve got a big, big, big wad of poop. And I guess one of the fun things is you get to design it how you like. After the monkey poops, you kind of you can kind of make a poop design of your choosing. I made sort of a soft serve ice cream swirl. think that’s not bad for a beginner!


To fire, place one hand on the monkey flinger’s base. Keep it steady with your other hand over the launcher.(…) Aim at the tree, slap the launcher and let the feces fly!


monkey launching poop at tree

Well, I knocked down the biggest bunch of bananas, but I didn’t actually knock it down. It was more me pounding on the table. See if I can do this a little better here.


banana bunches falling over in the tree after being knocked over by clump of poop

Pretty much knocked everything down that time, but that wasn’t aiming. That wasn’t skill. That wasn’t anything but a ball of poop hitting the tree and making it all come down.

Collect banana tokens after fleeing the poo, collect a banana token for each banana bunch you knocked over.(…) One, two, three, four.(…) So I.(…) OK, so I’m going to pick up my banana tokens is what they call these individual bananas. So I’ve got four.


Tree climbing, when a player collects three banana tokens, it’s time to trade them in and climb to the next level on the tree.


So I’ve got three. So for every three, you climb a level. So I have climbed up to the second level there.


If you knock over the entire tree, it’s a BANANA BLOWOUT! Collect one banana token and your turn ends. No more poop for you. So it’s a bad thing to knock over everything.

pointing out that one banana bunch remains standing

So pretty much by knocking over four of the five banana bunches here, I maximized and got the most tokens one can get in a turn because I left one standing. Now, if you think you’re going to build up the skill to be able to aim this you might want to think again. I think it’s just a poop show here.


I will say the poop squeezes through pretty darn easy and that’s half the fun is making the monkey poop and you will get hours of fun just pooping your monkey. You can take your monkey for walks. Make sure you carry a bag.



neil dandy with monkey see monkey poo boxneil dandy flicking off a wad of monkey poop from the monkey see monkey poo boxneil dandy holding the toy monkey

And there you have MONKEY SEE MONKEY POO! the most fun you can have pooping a plastic toy monkey. What’s this show turned into? What am I gonna rate this thing? How do you rate a game like this? It’s the most fun you can have throwing poop and that’s just all there is to it. Go out and get it. It’s a whole lot of fun. Fill out your Christmas shopping. I think I just did because somebody’s gonna get that because I can’t take this to the youth room at my church.



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Alright that does it for me. I’m getting the poop out of here! Neil Dandy out! Guys come back next month for the after-Christmas episode right here at the Dandy Fun House where everything is always… FUN AND DANDY! Clean up time…

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Neil Dandy is the creator of The Dandy Fun House and the alter-ego of Neil Smith, the Big Cheese at Neil Smith Entertainment and Productions, musician, DJ, Emcee and author. Aren’t you impressed?