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Before we begin, I need to let you know that the Dandy Fun House is now officially NOT sponsored by Hunt’s Manwich! Ok, now that THAT’S out of the way…

If you recall from our last adventure, I had set out to introduce a new segment called the $10 TOY STORE CHALLENGE where I go into a toy store at random and try to get the most fun and wacky thing I can find for 10 bucks or less. Well, I ended up at Brilliant Sky Toys and Books in beautiful Brentwood, Tennessee and found myself getting distracted and carried away like a kid in… A TOY STORE! Go figure!

But alas, I did find my toy for under $10, I did bring it home and here we are to open it up, poke, prod, play with it and let you know what I think! What toy am I talking about ??? None other than HANK’S TWISTED CHALLENGE! by Wicked Cool Toys!

Hank's Twisted Challenge box artword

The object of Hank’s Twisted Challenge is as follows: You have bendable wires which you hold in your mouth with the help of some special mouthpieces. You twist and contort the wires into various shapes, curls and bends dictated by the spinner. Then you must navigate a bead-ball all the way to the end of the wire without using your hands. The first person to successfully navigate their bead-ball is of course declared the winner! The twist comes from some special challenge cards each player must pull which may instruct you to do it with your eyes closed, walking around, standing on one leg, down on your knees, singing the national anthem, etc.


Included in my box were 3 different colors of wires, 4 different colored mouthpieces, 2 bead balls, challenge cards, a spinner which tells you what shapes to twist the wires into and instructions along with examples of the various wire shapes (amoeba, saddleback, corkscrew, etc.) There was also a large cardboard divider to keep everything from flopping around which I have to imagine the real purpose was to make the box bigger on the shelf for better marketing. I’m sure the environmentalists are gonna love that!


Since there were 3 of us playing (myself, my wife Michele and our son Evan) but only 2 bead balls (perhaps there was a mispackaging since there were differing numbers of mouthpieces, wires and bead balls???) only 2 of us could play at a time. So we decided that Michele and Evan would go first and I would play the winner.

Evan spun the wheel first and got Amoeba, Corkscrew and Ear Canal as his wire shapes. Michele got Amoeba, Heartbeat and Camelback. Then they drew challenge cards. Michele drew a non-challenge card (meaning she didn’t have to do anything special) while Evan’s card delivered the bad news that he would have to get through the challenge with his eyes closed.

After twisting, turning, tossing and burning, Michele managed to squeak out the win and advance to the final round against me.

I spun the wheel and came up with Corkscrew and Dragon Tail for my wire shapes and my challenge card instructed that I had to walk around while playing.  Michele also spun Corkscrew and Dragontail but had to do the challenge on her knees. But even on her knees she managed to rise to victory and was crowned our champion!


I absolutely loved this game! It gets you up, active and moving around and having a great time with your family and friends! You can even play this alone if you’re bored or just want to practice for future competitions. Anyone halfway able-bodied can do this. I’m giving this game a big thumbs up and on a Fun House Scale from 1 – 10… I’m giving Hank’s Twisted Challenge a high 8!

You can obtain your own box of HANK’S TWISTED CHALLENGE at Brilliant Sky Toys and Books, 1705 Mallory Ln, #100, Brentwood, TN or simply visit them online at http://www.bskytoys.com to get it delivered to your door!

That’s all for now! Hope your day stays FUN AND DANDY!



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