Hello and welcome to the Dandy Fun House episode 7! Today we’re going to learn how to make one of my favorite Summer treats… KOOLICKLES! (Kool-Aid infused pickles). And to do this, we’re going to get help from some very kool people living in a very kool town who have a hotline to a very kool super pickle! Let’s go now to…

The city of Koolywood

THE CITY OF KOOLYWOOD! Where everything’s kool all the time! But unfortunately today, not everything is as kool as it ought to be…

Kool M Hanging Out

On this day, we find Kool M hanging out in front of Kooly Hall when along comes a young lad named Kool E who looks a bit down and out.

Kool E is glum

Kool M: “Hey Kool E! Why so glum?”

Kool E: “Aww gee Kool M. Things are getting awful here in Koolywood.”

Kool M: “What do you mean?”

Kool E: “We’re running out of Koolickles!”

Running out of Koolickles!?

Kool M: “Running out of Koolickles!? What are we going to do!?”

Kool E: “I don’t know but wait…”

Kool M: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking???”


Kool M and Kool E together: “HEY KOOLICKLE MAN!”

Koolickle Man bursts through wall

Suddenly, the earth starts to tremble and the whole town of Koolywood shakes to its core as the brick walls of Kooly Hall burst open to reveal the pickle of power himself… KOOLICKLE MAN who immediately springs into both action and song!

Koolickle Man sings

Koolickle Man sings:
Koolickles are an awesome treat!

Koolickle Kids sing

(Koolickles, Koolickles yeah yeah yeah!)

Koolickle Man sings
Crunchy, sour and mighty sweet!

Koolickle Kids sing

(Koolickles, Koolickles yeah yeah yeah!)

Koolickle Man sings with Koolickle Kids
When it’s hot in the Summer and you’re starting to bake
They’re fun to eat and they’re fun to make!
Come on Koolickle Kids, let’s show ’em how!

Koolickle Kids scream yay

Koolickle Kids: YAAAAYYYY!!!

How to make Koolickles

jar of pickles

Koolickle Man:
Now first off, you’re going to need a jar of pickles, it doesn’t really make a difference what kind. Me and the Koolickle Kids like to go big, so we got a giant jar of Dill Wholes along with 3 different flavors of our favorite powdered drink mix, which for us is the classic KOOL-AID! Cherry, Grape and Blue Raspberry. 3 packs of each! You’re also going to need a bag or box of sugar.

pouring out the pickle juice

First you need to pour all the pickle juice out into a food grade container. We used a plastic pitcher to hold ours.

sliced pickles

You can leave the pickles whole or you can cut them up to really get a thorough infusion of Koolickle Koolness! We’ll be preparing ours for the church potluck, so we’re cutting all our dill wholes into round slices. And since we’re making different flavors, we’re dividing our pickles into 4 different containers; 3 for the flavors and one we’re leaving plain for the Plain Janes!

pouring back pickle juice

topping off pickles with water

We’re doing the same for the pickle juice. We’re reintroducing it back into the containers and if it doesn’t quite cover the tops of the pickles at this point, it’s ok to add some water until it does because next we’re going to add… THE DELICIOUSNESS!

pouring in kool aid

pouring in sugar

Next you pour in your packs of powdered drink mix. We wanted ours bursting with flavor so we added 3 packs of each flavor. There’s no right or wrong here. You can do a little or you can do a lot! Same with the sugar. Pour in a ton or just a bit depending on how sweet you like it.

covering the koolickles

Now cover them all up and put them in the fridge! If you left your pickles whole, you’ll probably want to let them sit for about a week. But if you cut them up, you should be good to go in a day or so!

revealing finished Koolickles

Now for the reveal…

Koolickles at the church potluck

Looking good? Alright, let’s take ’em to church!

celebrating the Koolickles

And that’s how you make KOOLICKLES!!!!!!

Koolickle Kids thanking Koolickle Man

Koolickle Kids: “Gee thanks Koolickle Man!”

Koolickle Man saying goodbye

Koolickle Man Away!

Koolickle Man: “All in a day’s work my sour-sweet crunchy friends! Now forgive me but I must return to Koolickle Kastle while I prepare for the next Koolamity! KOOLICKLE MAN AWAY!!!!!

Koolickle Man flying

And just like that, Koolickle Man summoned his pickle powers and pounced into the air flying away from the little city of Koolywood and leaving it kooler than he found it.

And so ends yet another exciting adventure for Koolickle Man! Remember kids, if you’re down and out and in need of some sour sweet krunchtastikness, just raise your voices to the sky and call out the words “HEY KOOLICKLE MAN!” And some dill hole in a cheap costumer just might appear and…

On second thought, if Koolickle Man ever does come bursting through your door, you should probably exit out the back and call the police because that’s just whack!

Thanks for joining us and see you again real soon for more exciting adventures of KOOLICKLE MAN!


The part of Kool M was played by Michele Smith

Michele Smith petting cartoon dog

The part of Kool E was played by Evan Smith

Evan Smith posing in funky glasses

Koolickle Man was played by Neil Dandy, the Big Cheese at Dandy Fun House

Neil Dandy posing in a pickle suit

This episode of the Dandy Fun House was produced on location in Murfreesboro, Tennessee; the geographical center of the state. We would like to give a special thank you to the city of Murfreesboro and a very special acknowledgement to Murfreesboro’s Vine Street Marketplace Mural created by Norris Hall which appears as a backdrop in both the blog and video versions of this episode.

Murfreesboro's Vine Street Marketplace Mural section 1

Murfreesboro’s Vine Street Marketplace Mural section 1

Murfreesboro's Vine Street Marketplace Mural section 2

Murfreesboro’s Vine Street Marketplace Mural section 2

Murfreesboro's Vine Street Marketplace Mural section 3

Murfreesboro’s Vine Street Marketplace Mural section 3

Murfreesboro's Vine Street Marketplace Mural section 4

Murfreesboro’s Vine Street Marketplace Mural section 4

Norris Hall artist signature

#RuCoTNMurals #MurfreesboroPostcard #MTSUPostcard @VisitRutherfordTN @RuCoArtsTN


Neil Dandy in a pickle suit

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